Tv Show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ 26 July: Abhi Sends Pragya A Message Thanking Her For Help


In the last episode, We saw, Abhi finds Nish in a car but fails to catch Nish. Ranbir is out of the jail and can leave the police station only when Pragya comes. When Pragya reached the police station, she asked the police to arrest Nish. Ranbir’s family thanks Pragya for helping them. When Ranbir reaches home, he comes to know that Nish is arrested. Nish thought of blackmailing Rhea to release him. Abhi finds out that Prachi’s mom released Ranbir and caught the real criminal.

In the upcoming episode, Prachi and Shahana reached Abhi’s house. Shahana tells Prachi there is always something bad happening in their family. Shahana thinks that Rhea is worried about Prachi after she’s out of the jail. Rhea overheard their discussion. Abhi asks Vikram for Anuradha’s number. Abhi sends a thankful message to her for helping Ranbir getting out of the jail. Pragya reads the message and was shocked.

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