Tujhse Hai Raabta – Atharv accuses Malhar for taking bribe, Malhar questions Kalyani

Kalyani and Malhar
Tujhse Hai Raabta | Atharv accuses Malhar for taking bribe | Malhar questions Kalyani 

A high voltage drama is going on in the serial tujhse hai raabta. That’s true, We always see Atharv does something or the other to torture Kalyani and Malhar and that’s what has doing again Atharv has managed to provoke people along with his goons that Malhar takes bribe from everyone and Malhar has taken bribe from him as well soon the people and his goons throw stones on Malhar and his whole family where Anupriya gets injured and after seeing that Malhar fires gun and shows recording to people against Atharv but Atharv and Sampada smartly turn the tables against Kalyani and thus Malhar questions Kalyani that why did she give the bag full of money to Aao sahib. Kalyani doesn’t utter a word and thus Malhar holds her hand and takes her inside the house. Well it would be interesting to know why Kalyani is not saying anything and what is she hiding from Malhar .





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