Serial Updates Of ‘Kundali Bhagya’ 16 July 2019: Mahesh Decides To Make Preeta His Bahu?


In the coming episode of ‘Kundali Bhagya’, Prithvi meets Sherlyn and finds out about their secrets are out. He then asks Sherlyn to find out if Mahesh has already informed the Luthra’s about the truth. Karan informs Sherlyn that they have not met Mahesh at the temple. Mahesh apologises to Preeta and promises her that she will bring her back to the Luthra house. Prithvi calls one of his men and gives them orders to kill Mahesh.

Sarla tells Preeta that the Luthra’s didn’t respect her. She asks Preeta to promise that she will never go back to the Luthra’s house. Preeta tells Mahesh that she has promised her mother to not be near the Luthras. Mahesh says that he respects Preeta’s decision. He wishes that he would have made Preeta his daughter-in-law. But he adds that it is not too later.

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