Latest Serial Update Of ‘Udaan’: Raghav Reveals Truth To Anjor


Today’s Episode starts with Raghav seeing the video and getting shocked. He points gun at Chakor and recalls Anjor. Chakor says you are a fraud, I won’t stay with you. Raghav says you won’t go anywhere. He locks her and says Anjy means Anjor, I thinks its time to meet you Anjor. Anjor says Chakor didn’t come yet. Raghav comes there. She sees and thinks what Raghav is doing here. She hides from him and runs home to meet Chakor. She says maybe mum has succeeded to run away. She gets shocked seeing Raghav.

Anjor says stay away. He says listen to me, I don’t want to hurt you, what will you do. She points gun at Raghav and asks, where is mumma. He asks her to put the gun down. He says, you can’t shoot me, you can’t lift the gun properly.

Raghav snatches the gun from Anjor. She shoots and gets shocked. He takes the gun back and points at her. He says you are so stubborn. I need to spare your mom, I would prefer not to murder her.

Anjor says you can’t trick me, quit lying. He says, I’m not lying, I cherish Chakor, since ten years. I have avoided her on her adage, how might I execute her. Anjor gets stunned knowing Chakor’s choice. He says when I saw her in emergency clinic, I got her here for treatment, trust me. Anjor says I will never confide in you, you are lying, in the event that you cherished Chakor, you would have not bolted her. He says I got furious on her for her security. He keeps the gun and shows the medicine bottle. He asks her to read its name and search about it on net.

Raghav says, the medicine can make Chakor go mad and kill her, but I didn’t give this medicine, I got Chakor to that party for a good change. He says, I will tell you everything, I have to find Chakor first, support me. Anjor agrees for Chakor’s sake and holds his hand.

They see Chakor near the bus stop. Chakor gets angry seeing Raghav. Anjor says no, he has come to help us, he did a mistake. She calms down Chakor. Raghav goes to get his vehicle. Poonam is headed and attempts to call Anjor. Anjor sits tight for Raghav. She sees Poonam and pursues her vehicle. She sees Anjor in the mirror and stops the car. Poonam hugs Anjor and asks are you fine. Anjor says Chakor’s life is in danger, we have to take her to safe place. Anjor takes her to Chakor and introduces her. Poonam says come with us. Anjor says yes. Poonam says don’t worry, you will be fine with us. They leave. Raghav comes and looks for Chakor and Anjor. He asks the people around. He calls Anjor. He can’t connect to her. He worries and calls Poonam.

Poonam doesn’t answer his calls. Anjor asks who is calling you. Poonam says let it be. She thinks anjor will not leave me if she knows the truth. He tracks Poonam’s phone. He says I knew Poonam can cheat me anytime. He recalls asking Poonam for her phone. He says I will know everything, I won’t let anything happen to Chakor.

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