‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’: Prerna Agrees To Marry Rishabh Bajaj And Spends Emotional Moments With Anurag


In the upcoming episode of ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’, Prerna will choose Mr. Bajaj over Anurag and the show will get more entertaining. She thinks she has won the battle and Anurag will be released soon. Bajaj blackmails Prerna into marrying him to save Anurag. Prerna asks him why he wanted to marry a girl who is madly in love with some other guy. Bajaj says he likes her faithfulness and how she entered Basu household while Anurag was still married to Komolika to ask for her rights. Bajaj praises Prerna and says, she has now come to his house to get Anurag released from jail.

In the court, the DNA report of the burnt body in Mr. Bajaj’s factory matches the DNA of Ronit Choubey. The judge says it was Ronit who died in the road accident and Anurag had a reason to kill him.

Mohini breaks down in the court while Prerna heads straight to Bajaj house. Prerna condemned Mr Bajaj and says he is not bother about other people’s anxiety and is concerned about his win. Bajaj asks Prerna about her final decision and Prerna agrees to marry him. Bajaj says the wedding preparations will begin from tomorrow.

Mohini’s only hope is Prerna. After accepting the deal with Bajaj, Prerna comes back to meet Anurag. She assures Anurag that he will be out of the jail soon. Prerna breaks down and Anurag was surprised to see her like this. Anurag asks her if something is wrong. She changes the topic saying she has brought food for him and feeds him with her own hands.

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