‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ 13 August: Guddan Flirts With Tanwesh Handa To Make Antara Jealous


In the last episode of ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’, Guddan informs AJ that Antara is going to the Hotel to meet Tanwesh Handa. AJ decides to reach the hotel first but finds Antara is already there when he reaches. Tanwesh tells Antara that he brought the same shoes shirts and shorts for AJ and AJ dressed. He gifted Antara a car to impress her. Antara tells Saraswati that she will marry AJ only because she wants to get revenge on Guddan. AJ tells Guddan that he has a plan.

In the last episode, AJ dressed as Tanwesh Handa. He thanks Antara for setting up a grand welcome for him. Guddan interrupts Tanwesh and reveals that she organised the grand welcome for him. Tanwesh says that she is impressed with Guddan and lends her an expensive chain. Antara gets jealous when he sees this. Guddan tells Antara to keep her eyes on AJ and his family while she focuses on Mr Handa and his wealth.

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