Erica Fernandes To Pearl V Puri: How Television Actors Would Look When They’re Old?


The FaceApp old age filter that is going viral on social media, has taken people by storm. While initially, few of the fans are sharing pictures of our favourite Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor among others are using the old age filter of the FaceApp, now a lot of filtered pictures of television actors are too been shared on the social media.

Our favourite television actors from Pearl V Puri to Randeep Rai many have taken the trend to the next level. They have taken up the challenge and shared their pictures post adding to the old age filter.

Krushna captioned his picture as “At the age of 60 haha actually I don’t look that bad na hmmmmm not bad yaaaa YEH future hai boss. Jeeee loooo apni zindagi.” On the other hand, Suyyash Rai captioned his picture with old age filter as,”Jhairrrr tab bhi failega #sugardaddy.”

Check out the most amazing results here:

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